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At Stone River Architects, we know that the ultimate goal of anything we design is to serve the needs of the client and enhance their interactions with the built environment. Too often, architects get hung up on their vision and goals for a project and forget this. At Stone River, we focus on building relationships with our clients. These relationships help us better understand a client’s needs and make the process more successful for all involved. It is because of these relationships that we have been fortunate to serve many repeat clients, some of which we have been working with for over 15 years.

Our design approach strives to create environments which are healthy, pleasant and comfortable for those who use them. We advocate creating building systems which are energy efficient, both as a means of reducing operating costs and as a sustainable practice. Our material selections and assemblies are designed to last and be easily maintained and we pride ourselves on our ability to produce a set of concise, comprehensive drawings that are easily understood and executed by the contractor.

Stone River Architects endeavors to integrate sustainable practices into every project we work on. Whether your project is looking for LEED certification or a simple tenant fit-up, we believe that sustainability isn’t just about a fancy plaque on the wall. Instead, we make conscience choices with regard to each assembly and material, and look to integrate sustainability as much as the project scope and budget allow. Above all, we inform the client of these options so that they are able to make informed decisions.

Scott Delorme, RA, NCARB

Scott Delorme, AIA, RA, NCARB

Scott is the CEO of Stone River Architects and brings over 22 years of award winning, comprehensive design, planning and programming experience to all aspects of the firms diverse portfolio of projects. As a champion for design excellence and innovation, he ensures projects exceed client expectations through client centric design solutions that empower clients to make a difference for all individuals who come in contact with each project design. Scott holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Syracuse University.

Email: scott@stoneriverarchitects.com

Jamie Neefe, RA, NCARB

Jamie Neefe, RA, NCARB

Jamie Neefe graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1992, beginning his career in the Pittsburgh area before relocating to New Hampshire in 1998. He has a passion for drawing and design, having enjoyed projects in the commercial, civic and residential arenas; but it is his breadth of experience in the healthcare niche that has helped him to build a reputation of creativity, responsiveness and professionalism. Philosophically, he ascribes to the principle that his drawings are another tool in the construction manager’s belt that he provides to them. They need to be readable, coordinated, and most importantly build-able. When not drawing or spending time with his two daughters, Jamie finds his inspiration while hiking or skiing in the White Mountains and his solace in music.

Email: jamie@stoneriverarchitects.com

Matt Jones, RA, NCARB, LEED GA

Matt Jones, RA, NCARB, LEED GA

Matt is a Project Architect with Stone River Architects. His 10 years in the architecture field as well as his background in carpentry and construction allow him to bring a unique perspective to each project he works on. Matt uses this experience to design projects in which users’ interactions with the built environment are both simplified and enhance while still maintaining a sense of buildability. He focuses on developing relationships with the clients, users, and construction team in order to best accomplish the goals of a project and exceed expectations. As a LEED Green Associate, he also strives to integrate sustainability concepts into each of his projects. Matt holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Email: matt@stoneriverarchitects.com