Construction Observation


There is a lot of information the contractor and subcontractors need to understand in order to successfully execute the project. During this phase, we provide the following services:

Observation Services

We will attend regular meetings with the contractor to observe the work for general conformance with the construction documents. We will also work with the contractor to answer questions and resolve design issues that naturally arise during construction.

Review Submittals, Shop Drawings and Work with Fabricators

There will be many products that go into a project which need to be reviewed in detail. We review these for consistency with the specifications and make additional selections and decision as needed. We also work with fabricators such as the millwork shop, steel shop, etc. to refine minor details during construction.

Supplemental Documentation

As needed, we will provide supplemental documents to clarify design intent for the contractor.

Payment Certification

Typically, the architect will review the contractor’s payment requisitions and check the requested amount against the balance of work performed and materials on site. The architect then submits a recommendation of approval or revisions to the owner.

Handle Requests for Changes

The contractor, architect, or owner may need to change something during the construction process. The architect typically administers this process and prepares the necessary documentation.

Punch List

The punch list takes place when the contractor states that they are finished with construction. It is the contractor’s punch list and we aid the contractor by walking the site and pointing out items that do not meet the drawing standards.