Pre-design services vary depending on the complexity of a project and the experience of the owner. This phase is often mostly for owners who need our experience and research capabilities to determine the project’s requirements. Some ways in which we can assist in this:


Programming consists of establishing & documenting requirements for your project including: design objectives, desired rooms or spaces, room sizes, relationships between spaces and relationships to the site.

Budget Analysis

The budget should estimate both hard and soft costs. Hard costs are construction related—material, labor, and the contractor’s overhead and profit. Soft costs are non-construction related—consultants, city and bank fees, and insurance. It is also important to assess if the budget is adequate to complete the project.

Code Analysis

We research all relevant codes , from state building codes and federal accessibility guidelines to local ordinances and zoning requirements which can impact a project. By performing this review up front, all parties can be made aware of potential issues and limitations before they become costly changes.

As-Built Drawings

Many projects which utilize existing structures require a record of what is built. Since most of our clients don’t have drawings of their existing buildings, we will need to create “as-builts.” We measure and create drawings of your building to use as a base to develop the new design.

Site Analysis & Selection

Whether you already own a site or would like our assistance finding one, we are diligent when it comes to site analysis. Great design comes from a building’s relationship to its site, so we analyze how views, sun, land, access and other factors can best be utilized.